9 Genius Ideas for New Fathers to Get Great Sleep

9 Genius Ideas for New Fathers to Get Great Sleep

9 Genius Ideas for New Fathers to Get Great Sleep

Being a new father brings many responsibilities. Today, the new parenting style involves both mother and father participating in a baby's daily routine. From making the formula milk, baby's bath time, putting them to sleep, and even changing diapers, there are so many things to do once the baby comes home. 

It is not just mothers who carry the load of parenting fears and sleep deprivation. New fathers, too, face inevitable troubles due to sleep loss. 

Sleep deprivation is a nightmare for new parents

Well, Sleep deprivation is a nightmare for new parents, so we have enlisted these 9 genius ideas to help new fathers cope.

    1. Do not depend on Caffeine

      When you're in the middle of a 3 a.m. cluster feed storm, it's convenient to substitute food intake for coffee. But now is the time to pay attention to that voice telling you, it's a bad idea. 

      Say No to Coffee

      Your response to interrupted sleep is to try to wire yourselves through the next day with caffeine and stimulants. It takes a lot longer for caffeine to leave the body than you assume. Some people say four hours, while others say eight. However, it stays for a long time. As a result, you might be able to use the next night's sleep to assist you to get through the day. 

      That does not mean you should abandon your coffee entirely. Men's Health Magazine recommends that men should use caffeine wisely rather than as a kind of excuse.

      Teas for Better sleep

      As an alternative to coffee, use natural medicines. As a natural sleep aid, you can have chamomile tea (available in most health food stores). It works on the same receptor as caffeine, but it makes you sleepy.

      2. Don't gorge on exciting foods

      Don't gorge on exciting foods

      Your favorite stodgy meals are interfering with your ability to get a decent night's sleep. It may be wonderful news for your taste buds but bad news for your #dadbody objectives.  If you eat too many carbohydrates, it causes an unnaturally rapid sugar high that is followed by a crash.  This damages your body's capacity to differentiate between night and day. You have a broken pattern at night, and then you have a broken pattern throughout the day. He suggests substituting turkey and coriander for pizzas and pasta because they replace serotonin, the joyful chemical, in the brain.

      Food, Exercise , Love & Sleep

       3. No Electronics Zone

      No Electronics Zone

      You've been rejecting the recommendations not to stare at devices before bed for years, but there's never a better moment to listen than when you have a newborn. Your chances of sleeping will be rare, and it's unwise to let your phone interfere with the limited opportunities you'll have. If your kid wakes you up, don't use it as an excuse to do anything other than to get your baby back to sleep.  Make sure you're not on your phone because the blue light from LED screens can reduce or stop the creation of melatonin, the hormone that tells your brain, it's time to sleep.

      4. Sleep Relaxed and Calmly

      Sleep Relaxed and Calmly

        Turn up the air conditioner after a long, miserable day at work.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that humans aren't built for tropical heat at night. You want the room to be dark, quiet, and at the right temperature. If it's too hot, you won't be able to sleep again. Keep the room cool to 25°C. 

        Choose your mattress wisely. It should not be too soft or too hard. The fabric of your bed sheet also matters a lot when your sleep is concerned.

        5. Supplements aren't going to help you.

        sleep does not come in a pill

        In this century, looking for redemption in Holland and Barrett is typical, but sleep does not come in a pill. Every living thing necessitates sleep. So you can't acquire anything to replace it if you don't have it. The more compensation you make, the worse it gets. You shouldn't try to compensate for that, except to see how you can improve the next day in terms of getting back to that sleep pattern.

        6. Maintain a uniform schedule

        Maintain a uniform schedule

        When you're up for the eighth time that night at 4 a.m., it'll be the last thing on your mind, but sticking to a schedule will help you sleep better. If your baby is waking up at 2 a.m., you'll have to go to bed earlier so you can deal with it later. Try to figure out when your kid will wake up so you can get as many hours as possible before that trend. Remember the old wives' tale that three nights of consistent sleep patterns equals a habit, and plan your rest accordingly.

        7. Take it easy when napping

        Take it easy when napping
        Many consider naps to be the best part of the day. But if you can avoid naps, it's preferable to avoid them so you can sleep when you would typically sleep. And yet If you're going to nap, try to wake yourself up with an alarm before it turns into a full-fledged slumber. Take a 10-minute power nap instead of a long nap.

        8. You will have to stay alert during work

        You will have to stay alert during work

        Going to work after a night of little sleep is nothing short of a nightmare. It's awful to keep repeating this cycle for two days. However, there are steps you may take to reduce the amount of drool on your desk. You must check the temperature in the office. Don't sit around the AC vent; keep it at a comfortable temperature. Because if it's not too cold, you're not going to fall asleep.

        Being a new father is also a good justification to be less productive. Try to avoid doing too many tasks at once. Try to keep a steady pace. Be conscious of having a great morning and then not collapsing in the afternoon. Let's hope you're in charge.

        9. Deal with your inability to sleep

        Deal with your inability to sleep

        If there's one thing that annoys you more than being woken up every hour, it's not being able to sleep when you have the chance. 

        There are, however, ways to deal with this inconvenient insomnia. 

        • Get out of bed if you can't doze off easily 

        • Make yourself a caffeine-free beverage. 

        • Don't lie around wishing you were asleep. 

        • Make an effort to breathe out for longer than you breathe in to keep calm.

        • Meditate.

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