Duvet or Dohar? How to buy the right one?

Duvet or Dohar? How to buy the right one?


Duvet or Dohar? How to buy the right one?

In cold winters, you always like the snuggly feeling in bed. With every other home having the facility of air conditioners, you need something to cover up even in Summers. Of course, you will have to invest in a few good-quality fleece blankets or dohars or maybe comforters, depending on the season and temperature.

Blankets made from wool were first used in the 14th century. In the olden days, mink blankets or fleece blankets were considered a luxury. Only the affluent would be in possession of these soft plush blankets. They were mainly used as fire blankets and owned by powerful people only. Gradually it became a product that was used universally. 

As technology has advanced, you live a better lifestyle and use better products. Modern amenities have drastically brought changes in sleep necessities.

Why Sleep under Covers?

Why Sleep under covers?

You can sleep comfortably when your body temperature is maintained at 35 to 37°celsius, which is a normal body temperature. More heat will lead to a sweaty body, disturbing your sleep. Similarly, the drop in body temperature will make you feel cold and shivery. Although the protective coverings do not create warmth, they help you lock your body heat around you. 

Read the blog on how to decide what to use when? Cold nights in summers, shivering winters, semi-dry and humid during monsoon, the temperature around you is never constant. To add more, almost everyone owns air conditioners and room heaters depending on their needs. So on what factors should you purchase the coverings?

In this blog, we shall discuss the differences in modern blankets and pointers on how to buy them.



Comforter or duvet?  While a comforter is just one single piece, duvets have to be accompanied by covers. Although you can always use duvet covers for your comforters. Traditional blankets are made of a single fleece layer, on the other hand, comforters or duvets are made with insulation between two layers of fabric. The insulation material can be down feathers of selected birds, synthetic fiber, cotton, or wool. The outer fabric may differ, like cotton, glace cotton, silk, satin, or polyester. Ideally, a comforter can be used when the surrounding temperature is ranging between 15 to 22 degrees. 

There are numerous times when you feel sleepless due to cold weather. A comforter filled with microfibre or wool will make you feel the warmth. Are you unable to sleep due to stress and anxiety? A heavyweight duvet helps you to get rid of your anxiety. Do you think your comforter is too light? You can add a plush duvet cover for extra warmth.



Dohar is extracted from the Hindi word ''dohrana' meaning layers. In foreign countries, we have heard of dohar as a thin duvet or a coverlet. In India, Dohar is also known as AC blanket. If you live in a city where the temperature is never below 20°C, dohars are livable all year round. You can use them in hot summer when the AC makes your room too cold. And use them in light winters or when the weather is windy.

If you are wondering how does a dohar fit in so perfectly in all seasons? Well, Dohar has a cotton sheet or a flannel sheet acting as insulation. It is stitched between two cotton sheets. Dohars are made of flat sheets, hence the filling does not get lumpy. If you choose to customize it, you can get it stitched with your choice of construction style.

Your Guide to Buy

Your guide to buy

 It is essential that you invest in the right products. When it comes to sleeping under covers, you need comfort, warmth, loft, and your money's worth. Whether you buy a Duvet or Dohar that would depend on the climatic conditions of the place you live in. 

If you are residing in a city where it is cold for more than half the year, you should buy a comforter with a duvet cover. That way you can use your comforter all year round and with a duvet cover, it is easy to clean. 

If you reside in a city where it is hot and humid for most of the year, you must invest in a good quality dohar. During winters you can also cover your dohar with a duvet cover if you want to. Thus your sleeping essentials will be wallet-friendly and always useful.

Bed Mattress Size Chart

These days you can get blankets of all sizes - single, double, queen size, King size, and even for babies. And yet there are certain details you should ascertain before buying your perfect one.

Key features to look for:

1 - WeightBedsheet weight

Ideally, you should buy a comforter that weighs around 1.5 to 2 kg. It will provide you warmth in regular winters when the temperature is between 15 to 20°C. If the temperature in your room is below 15 °C you should choose a heavy-weighted comforter or better a heavy quilt.

2 - Outer fabrics

100% Cotton  Outer fabrics The outer fabric of your blanket should be soft to touch. 100% cotton on your dohar or comforter gives the most fluffy feel. In case you don't get the right outer fabric, you can always buy a duvet cover for your comforter. As indicated before, you won't have to wash your heavy comforter often. You just have to wash the duvet cover once in a while and voila! your hygiene has been reinstated.

3 - Construction

Quilt stitch

Construction of a comforter means the stitch on it. Although it looks like a design stitch to most people. The types of stitches determine the spread of the filing and hence the life of the comforter. 

The premium stitch for the long-lasting fluffy comforter is a baffle box stitch. It encompasses the filing in small pockets made with extra walls. 

The box stitch construction style has smaller boxes than baffle boxes. The top and bottom fabric are stitched together in this technique. The idea behind these stitches is to evenly spread the stuffing. 

Channel stitches allow the filling to be pushed to one side of the duvet. That way you can determine if you wish to have more heat on your foot or your hands. 

Quilt stitch is the traditionally used style. Not preferred by many as it may cause lumping of the filler in corners. 

find your bedding style

Whether to buy a Duvet or Dohar, it is purely your preference. But bedspreads are not something that you buy time and again. Hence it is crucial to get the most in return for the money spent. Go through the exclusive collections of Comforters and Dohars visit sleepcosee.com 

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