Learn how to tidy up your room in less than 30 minutes.

Learn how to tidy up your room in less than 30 minutes.

Clean your room in 30 minutes

You have been busy all week. Targets to achieve projects to complete, submissions to be made, and amongst all this you have colleagues coming over to your house. This brings in new trouble, a messy house. Clothes unwashed, bed not made, files and papers flying around the house, and to add to it, trash bags.

Learn how to tidy up your room in less than 30 minutes.

Your bedroom should be your oasis, a place where you can lie down at the end of the day and let your troubles fade away. Instead, your bedroom quickly turns into a warehouse where no one is permitted.

How do you move the mountain in minutes? How do you clean your room quickly and yet look fresh to host a party? Calm yourself, and read our article to spruce up your room within minutes.

Shelves and Tabletops

Shelves and tabletops

Everything that is lying on your shelf should be wiped off. You don't need to pick up and clean each showpiece, just dusting your furniture will do. If you think you have less stuff on shelves, you can take a damp cloth and wipe off the dirt. But you don't have enough time to deep clean each showpiece. In such a scenario, carefully pack all the chunks in a box and place it in a corner. Of course, the big ones will need to be cleaned. 

Cleaning table tops

Cleaning table tops comes next. While cleaning your dining table, take out empty packets and clear your fruit basket. Make sure the spoon stand and glasses are usable. Refill the jug of water and do away with placemats. If your tablecloth does not look clean enough, remove it and throw it in the washing machine. It can be washed later.


tidy up your clothes

Separate your clothes into two piles, washed and unwashed. Segregation can be time-consuming but it needs to be done. Keep a laundry bag and suitcase beside you. If you don't know which garment is clean and which is not, just sniff and decide where it goes.

Collect all dirty clothing and place them in your laundry basket. Don't worry about unfolding socks or pulling shirts inside out because you're in a hurry. These tasks are easier to complete while doing laundry. Simply gather all of the soiled clothes and toss them in the hamper or washing machine.

Clean your Wardrobe

If you have a lot of clean clothing lying around that needs to be folded and pinned, skip this step and just throw it on your bed after you make it. You can put them in a bag or suitcase, and remind yourself to do the task later.

Files and Docs Files and Docs

The ideal way to organize your files and documents is to keep them color coordinated. In the current situation, you need them to be organized in a jiffy. So the only way out here is to hide them peacefully.

Collect every file and paper lying around. Clear out a drawer or cabinet where you pile up the files. You can make this your hideout cabinet. 

Most of these papers may be of no use anymore, but you should never throw papers without reading them. Once you read and decide that you don't need them, they can be shredded or dumped.

Reading books is a very good habit. But books and magazines should make their way to one corner of the house. You can choose to keep them on the shelves. Thus it would keep your coffee tables and bedside tables look neat.

Cups and Plates

Cups and Plates

You may have gathered up a collection of coffee cups and plates. It is common practice for every busy human being to drink coffee and forget to wash the cup. Every morning you are in a hurry and every evening you are too tired to wash the vessels. 

We understand you were busy all along the week, hence the sink full of unwashed dishes. But a dirty sink will give a foul smell to your kitchen. 

You may not need those cups and plates, yet you will have to do something about it. Unwashed utensils can be handled in 2 ways - either wash them or hide them.

If you think you can manage time to wash them clean, good for you. But if you don't have enough time, just rinse them with water once and hide them in the cabinet below the sink. This way they won't stink and you can opt to wash them later. 

Disposable cups

In the future, to avoid this clumsiness, use cups that are disposable and degradable.To be a part of the environmental saving activities, visit our website Envirotask.

Trash Duty

Trash Duty

Lastly, taking out the trash. After you are done with wiping the shelves, segregating clothes, piling up the docs, and cleaning the sink, it is time to take out the trash.

Roughly dust your window frames, sofa, chairs, and bed. These final steps of cleaning are very important. A dusty flooring will make the house feel shabby. Just sweep the floor or use a vacuum cleaner.

When it's all done, gather all the trash and place it in the trash can. This is not the time to decide whether you're ready to throw out old magazines or that pair of shoes you've needed to be repaired for two years. 

We're throwing out noticeable trash rather than going through boxes and dressers. Save the thorough trash removal when you have more time. Keep in mind to throw the trash in their designated bins. We must follow minimal agility even when in a rush.

Things to do Later

Although deep cleaning your room in minutes is not possible. These quick hacks can help you save your reputation in front of your colleagues. There are many things that you will have to come back to later. 

For a person who keeps busy most of the days a week, you should plan your house chores accordingly.

Things to do Later

A well-planned timetable can be a life savior. Once you manage to deep clean your house, you must keep cleaning stuff one after the other. 

Some of the habits that can be inculcated are like washing the dishes immediately, instead of piling them for days. The same applies to bedding, clothes, and files. Learn different reasons why you should wash your bedsheets. As soon as the clothes are washed, you should hang them up in your closet. Documents that are needed time and again should have their designated drawer. 

Another idea that needs to be inculcated is saving the environment. While leading a leisurely life, let's not forget our responsibility towards mother Earth.  Read these unique ways of recycling cardboard boxes.

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