5 Simple Tips to Get Pregnant

5 Simple Tips to Get Pregnant

what are the tips to get pregnantWhen to have children, is the most important decision for a couple. Both men and women are emotionally invested. When trying to conceive, you familiarize yourself with words like ovulation cycle, sperm count, eggs, fertility, cervical mucus, and many more. The list is endless.

 proven tips to get pregnant

For a woman to get pregnant is a blessing. But it comes at a cost. She will have to sacrifice her career or at least take a sabbatical. The body undergoes several changes, with hormones, physical changes, emotional sensitivity, and many other things. And yet everything seems reasonable and worthwhile once she holds her child.

A recent study showed women living in an urban lifestyle plan their first babies at old age. Someone might argue that age is just a number. That is not the case with pregnancy. Planning your pregnancy at the right age is a must. Your body undergoes several hormonal changes as you grow old. To conceive a child you must pay attention to every aspect of your life. Right from your diet, workout sessions, sleep cycle, the clothes you wear, the mattress you sleep in, everything matters.

It is always better to plan for a kid instead of a surprise pregnancy. Start with small steps to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Below mentioned are a handful of tips to get pregnant. You can think of them while planning for a baby.

1 - Enough Sleep for better fertility

Enough Sleep for better fertility

Giving yourself the gift of rest is unmatchable. You should allow yourself to take a break from your daily routine. A reasonable rest will keep your mood happy and relaxed. It restores the brain and organ system in your body. And this keeps your hormone secretion regulated. Thus, the direct connection between sleep and fertility is established.

Whether male or female, lack of adequate sleep for a long time or an irregular sleep cycle triggers your reproductive hormones.

Less sleep makes you irritable and moody which can disrupt your romance. Managing your sleep-wake times is equally important. Night shift work timing steers you toward lazy days. Following a decent sleep schedule benefits in many other ways.

Kindly read our blog on tips for better sleep, to enhance your knowledge on sleep.

2 - Keep your legs raised

Keep your legs raised

Under favorable conditions, sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days. To conceive a child the sperm should reach the egg as soon as possible. Although sperms don't need any help to swim, it is recommended that you lay on the bed after copulation for at least 15 minutes. Standing up immediately after the act may withdraw the sperm away from the cervix.

As It is not backed by any scientific evidence, many medical professionals say that it is a myth. Well it may not increase the odds of getting pregnant, but it may give some extra time for sperm to swim to the eggs.

3 - How to use a pillow to get pregnant?

how to use pillow to get pregnant

For newlyweds, consummation should be more about enjoying it. Any position that you are comfortable in will do the deed.

You can place a pillow or small cushion below your hips for elevation from waist down. This will help you with back support.

While spooning you may place cushions between your legs. And when trying a reverse position that needs more bounce, you can place cushions below your knees.

It is always recommended to have some fantasy accessories like love cushions and creative bedsheets. You can invest in some good pillows that give you bounce.

Make sure to keep your lovemaking pillows separate from your sleeping pillows. For hygiene reasons, you should wash the cushion covers after every use.

4 - Ovulation cycle

tips to get pregnant fast and easily

A man can produce sperm at any time of the month. But for a woman, it is different. You have a conception-friendly time frame.

Almost 14 days before your menstrual cycle, you start ovulating. This is the period when mature eggs travel from the ovary to the fallopian tube. Eggs stay alive for about 12 to 24 hours.

Similar to pregnancy test kits, you can find many ovulation test kits in the market. They are easy to use and understand. You will also find mobile applications to record your menstrual and ovulation cycles.

Once you find your ovulation cycle, you must consummate during these days. Getting pregnant during ovulation is highly possible.

5 - Diet and Meds

Diet and Meds

A healthy diet yields a healthy body. When trying to conceive your diet is crucial. Eating your meals on time as well as eating food that boosts your fertility should be considered. Diet for weight loss is equally important. Being overweight or obese leads to problems like PCOS and irregular periods. You can meet a dietician for the same.

A fertile environment for sperm helps you to conceive faster. So kick your fast food and junk items out of the kitchen. They will surely do no good for your fertility. Rather increase your intake of dairy products, lean meat, fatty fish, berries, etc.

You can consult your physician for folic acid doses before your conception. You should get yourself a routine check-up to see if there are any vital deficiencies like hemoglobin. Taking extra care of yourself will lead you to have a fit and healthy body. Thus keeping your organ systems healthy and active.

 tips to get pregnant with a boy

There are several myths about conceiving a baby boy or baby girl. You should know that the gender of the baby depends on the chromosomes present in the sperm. The female body has an x chromosome only. It is not up to anybody to choose which sperm would find the egg and fertilize. No particular food, position, or fertile days can determine the gender of the child.

how to put pillow under hips to get pregnant

The best option to conceive is to keep trying. Having sex every other day will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Despite trying for several months if you still can't get pregnant, it is recommended that you see a doctor. Vaginal intercourse is not the only way to conceive. You can consult your gynecologist for IVF and donor insemination. With such advanced research and technology, it is highly unlikely for someone to not live their dream of pregnancy.

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