Basics Bedsheets To Buy & Beat The Summer Heat

Basics Bedsheets To Buy & Beat The Summer Heat

Basics to buy bedsheets to beat the summer heatThe fabric of your bed sheet plays an important role in your quality of sleep. Especially during Summer heat waves and humid climates, a bed sheet determines whether you will have a calm sleep or not. If your body temperature naturally runs high, selecting the correct bed sheet is crucial to you.

Night Sweats - Causes & Prevention

So rather than tossing and turning through your night, you can decide on bringing a slight change in your bed sheets quality and experience a wonderfully sleepy night. 

A perfect cozy slumber involves many factors. Your peace of mind, the temperature in your room, the material of the comforter or dohar whichever you sleep in, and of course the bed sheet on your mattress. You may question how the bed sheet matters? Pure cotton bed sheets combined with a right thread count and breathable weave can work like magic for your night's sleep.

We have discussed the basics of the right bed sheet previously. In this post, you will learn more about thread count and fabric weaves to find your suitable bed sheet.

1. Thread Count Myth: Higher the thread count, better the sheet. Is it?

Thread count myth: higher the thread count, better the sheet. Is it?

Thread count means how many threads are present in a square inch of the fabric. The horizontal threads are called wefts and the vertical threads are called warps. But what should be the ideal thread count? Well, it has been a long-debated question.

A higher thread count solely does not determine the quality, longevity, and softness of the sheet. Each fabric consists of different thread quality. Whether the thread is thick or closely woven or is it breathable? Every fabric is made differently. Explore the wide range of bed sheets offered by Sleep Cosee.

Linen material is softer than cotton. Hence if you choose to buy a linen bed sheet look for a lower thread count - 80 to 150. But Cotton, on the other hand, should have 400 to 600 thread count per square inch. 

Finding a suitable bed sheet is still a tedious job. You should buy a bed sheet that is not only comfortable but soft, durable, and appropriate for your sleep habits.

2.Suitable Thread Count

Bed sheet construction is one of the most influential elements. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by your sweat, think about changing your bed sheets. Hygiene is the reason, but your bed sheet is perhaps the reason for your sweaty slumber. 

More often than not, high summer temperatures are also to blame. But unfortunately, you cannot skip the season, and sometimes blasting the air conditioner is just not enough. You must pay attention to your bed sheets. Tightly woven cotton sheets with a higher thread count are less breathable.

cooling bed sheets

If you wish to switch your bedding set to cooling bed sheets, invest in sheets with a thread count of 180 to 250. This ought to give you an airy weave and smooth sheets.

Strikingly, there is no particular fabric that rules the others. Just as each one has different liking and comfort, each fabric in combination with weave and thread count is different. You might have to dive into several bed sheets before you find your match.

3.The Right Material for Summer

If you are a keen shopping person, you know that there is a variety of bed sheets available in the market. Choosing the right sheet gets tough with so many options accessible.
If you are a hot sleeper and lose sleep because of heat flashes, you must consider buying cooler fabric. Some materials are naturally cooler than others. If you get too hot for comfort at night, here is the list to consider. Starting from the fabric that is cooler than others.
  • Cotton
  • Blended cotton
  • Silk
  • Lyocell
  • RayonBedsheet Fabrics
Cotton is hands down the most durable fabric. It does not require special wash care. It is durable, the color fastness is better. One of the aspects of why cotton feels thick is because it is tightly woven. When the thread count is above 400 the cotton starts to feel durable, soft, and airy. The higher the thread count the better life of the cotton fabric.

Fabrics like Lyocell and rayon are light in weight, with a lower thread count but absorb heat. Hence if you choose this fabric for bed sheets, you will more likely have a puddle of sweat on the bed.

4.Fabric Weave

You should look at the weave of a sheet in addition to the thread count and fabric. The weave is responsible for the look and feel of your bedding, as well as its breath-ability. The weave of a sheet is determined by the ratio of vertical to horizontal threads, which can make a significant difference in its perceived lightness or weight. 

Fabric weave 

To list the best weaves are satin and percale (plain) 

  • Sateen weave is generally preferred in colder climates. As it feels heavier than another weave.

  • Percale weave or plain weave as you know it. It gives adequate airflow, is lightweight, and is soft to touch. Hot sleepers should indeed select percale weave cotton bed sheets. 

Bed sheets available at Sleep Cosee are many times better than other percale weaves. The weave of the bed sheet enhances the existing airflow and its weight. 

With this blog, you now know how to buy your bed sheet. The quality of a bed sheet is not solely dependent on thread count. To keep a balance between comfort, coolness, and durability, you should pair up the right thread count with the right fabric and weave. 

buy your summer bedsheet

When choosing lightweight fabrics like lyocell, make sure the thread count is a minimum of 200. For cotton bed sheets, the mandatory thread count should be around 400 to 600. Maintaining the thread count at medium will give strength to the bed sheet.

Lastly, choose the bed sheet that makes you feel relaxed, cool, and is worth your money spent. 

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