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Flat Sheet vs Fitted Sheet: What’s Best For You?

Flat Sheet vs Fitted Sheet: What’s Best For You?

Whether you should use a flat bed sheet or a fitted bed sheet is a question that has the potential to give you one of the worst nightmares ever.


We, as humans, are already riddled with endless choices and bedsheets are no exception to these frustrations. Going through a store and coming across hundreds of choices can get a little intimidating to say the least.


You have to make sure that your bed doesn't just look good but also feels good. If you're also a person who is one way or another confused about which bed sheet to use for your room, then don't worry. Let’s figure it out together.


A fitted bed sheet

A fitted bed sheet

A fitted bed sheet is a great choice for those who want a tight and snugly fitted bedsheet.


Fitted bed sheets are made of stretchy and elastic corner ends that are designed to cover the mattress hugging it underneath.


Fitted bed sheets are especially useful as they don't come off too easily and would stay on your bed even if you run a marathon on your bed while dreaming.


The biggest reasons to get fitted bed sheets are-

  • Smooth mattress protection

  • Easy to clean

  • Best for those who move a lot during their sleep.

  • Provides great protection to your mattress from regular wear and tear

  • Feels smooth on the skin while sleeping without any issues of wrinkles on the bed sheet.

Flat bed sheet

Flat bed sheet


Flat bed sheets are large pieces of clothes that are used to spread over the mattress and are usually large enough to fall on the sides of it.


Flat bed sheets don't have elastic corners to tuck them under the mattress on all the sides. You can, however, choose to tuck the flat bed sheet under the mattress or let them fall from all the sides. If you tuck them under the mattress though, they tend to slip out on excessive movement while laying on the bed or sleeping.


From preventing fitted sheets from getting torn or stained to regulating temperature, flat bed sheets are very useful for that.


The best reasons to get flat bed sheets are:


  • Provides protection to fitted sheets if they are being used.

  • Acts as a barrier for skin against the bacteria, microbes and dirt found in the mattresses.

  • Helps with temperature control by regulating it

  • The aesthetic value of flat bed sheets are well known for their use of pretty patterns.

Flat or fitted bed sheet?

Flat or fitted bed sheet?

Now that you know the major differences between a fitted and a flat bed sheet, how do you think you're going to use them?


Well, we have already listed the individual uses of both these bedsheets for you to choose from. You can either go for one of these or both of them.


Using a fitted bed sheet over a mattress followed by a flat bed sheet can really provide you with the best sleeping experience while experiencing the best of both worlds.


You can check out the range of several bedsheets by COSEE to see which of these you'd like for your mattress.

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