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How To Make Your Baby Sleep Faster? The No-Cry Sleep Solution


How To Make Your Baby Sleep Faster? The No-Cry Sleep Solution

No matter how much you love your child, your cute little sweethearts can surely give you a tough time when you try to get them to sleep!

Getting your baby to sleep faster is something all parents often struggle with, no matter how hard they try. But the trick is to understand your baby’s needs to really get things worked out well. 

First of all, you have to understand what doesn’t work and then go on to try out the things that do. Eliminate every possible discomfort for your baby - heat, cold, uncomfortable clothing or bed. 

If your child is well-fed, comfortable in their bed, you can then go on and try out these tips to help your baby sleep faster! Here are some things you should never do if you want your baby to sleep easily and quickly:

Don’t keep your baby awake all-day

Don’t keep your baby awake all-day

If you think not allowing your baby to nap during the daytime will tire them out and make them fall asleep quickly during nighttime, you are utterly wrong!

This little trick will only stress your baby out during the daytime, inciting them to cry loudly and make the situation stressful for everyone else in the home. 

Not just that, sometimes this subsequent stress stops them from falling asleep later on at night too. Remember, stress is a slumber killer - even for your baby!

Don’t add cereal to their bottle at nighttime

Don’t add cereal to their bottle at nighttime

Some people think that since cereals are known for keeping the belly fuller, adding them to their babies' bedtime bottles will help them sleep longer. Wrong!

Don’t feed your baby cereals until they are over 9-12 months old at least! Otherwise, your baby might wake up at night not for feeding needs but because of gas pain.

If you want your baby to sleep faster and easier, avoid adding cereal to their nighttime bottle. 

Some other things never to do

baby to sleep faster

  • Holding them in your hands as both you and your baby fall asleep - this can be dangerous and the baby might fall

  • Putting too many clothes on them - getting stuffed under layers of clothing might prevent them from getting cold - or sleep!

  • Not using proper bed sheets. Babies will of course wet themselves, make sure their bedding have comfortable dry sheets so they don’t get cold

  • Don’t change their sleeping routine every other day - stick with one regular time

Now that we know most of the things that you should avoid, let’s see what we can actively do to help your baby sleep faster, longer and peacefully.

Establish a routine

baby sleep

Establishing a bedtime routine is the best possible way to help your baby sleep regularly, comfortably and without nightly disturbances.

You don’t need to establish complicated or long bedtime routines for your baby - consistent ones would do the trick! 

You can do some regular activities that may act as a cue for your baby to sleep - snuggling for a minute, singing a lullaby, changing the diaper, dimming the light of the room. Swaying your baby for a minute or two.

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, sure you still have to repeat the last few steps of the bedtime routine all over again. This will tell your baby that it’s still time to sleep and help them slumber away.

Rocking and lullaby to help your baby sleep

Rocking and lullaby to help your baby sleep

The best way to help your baby sleep easily and peacefully is by decreasing their stress. Focus on calming the senses of your infant to reduce the amount of cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone” in their body.

You can help your child distress by doing some of the following activities:

        • Swaddle your baby
        • Give them a relaxing massage
        • Do some repetitive movement like swinging lightly, swaying them
        • Feed your baby until they are drowsy
        • Dim the light and remove any physical discomfort
        • Sing them a small, repetitive lullaby
        • Play soothing, calm music on low volume - use this same music every night.


            baby sleep better

            It might be a bit difficult, but you have to make sure that your baby’s schedule is fixed not just during the nighttime, but also during the daytime.

            The circadian rhythm in babies is much more sensitive than they are in us. You have to tell your baby it’s time for sleep not by the clock, but by cues and associations.

            Once you have ensured that your baby has a comfortable bed, dry sheets, clothes and basically no other physical trouble, you will have to wait for a while.

            Routines take time to set in. If you have made any major changes in their routine to help your baby sleep better, have patience. If you find your baby still has trouble sleeping peacefully, don’t hesitate from taking an expert’s advice.

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