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No More Sleepless Nights with SleepCosee's Proven Relaxation Techniques

Importance of SleepShutting your eyes every now and then is important. Whether before an important exam or prior to a regular office day, lack of sleep is always counterproductive.

As sleep rejuvenates your memory and helps you make it sharper, there are innumerable benefits of getting adequate sleep.

Good sleep hygiene makes you fight infections, prevent stress and fatigue, increase athletic performance, cut down your tendency to overeat by maintaining the proper levels of hormones, fights obesity and whatnot.

So get your bed ready, set the AC and get under your comforters! We're about to tell you some secrets to improving both your sleep hygiene and quality of life.

1.Music can lull you to sleep

music before going to sleep

It's even backed by science that listening to music before going to sleep calms down your mind and nervous system, making you sleep better, thereby increasing the productivity of the coming day.

Music is also known to bring down levels of anxiety and heart palpitations, thereby inducing drowsiness.

Gabe Turow, a Stanford University symposium organizer, talking about the therapeutic effects of music, says, “Listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication, in many cases.” Such is the soothing power of music.

2.Meditation for better sleep

Meditation for better sleep

Sleeping well is not easy when your mind is overthinking. You need to put your brain at ease before you hit the bed for a good night's sleep.

Upon lying in the bed, try to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. While you're at it, feel your lungs inflating with the air, and your thoughts and worries vanishing far away into the air. Repeat the entire process as long as five times.

While meditating, there occur a variety of psychological changes in our system. Not only does meditation help in increasing the sleep hormone melatonin, but it also maintains optimum levels of serotonin, a precursor of melatonin.

3.Mindfulness and other Meditations

Meditation for better sleep

You can also bring your focus to your present by performing mindfulness meditation. It involves focussing on your breathing pattern, noticing the process of inhaling and exhaling.

Even if a thought starts circling your head, you let it be there while consistent with breathing.

Some other well-spoken techniques around mediation involve guided meditation and body scan meditation.

Performing any of them regularly can make difficulties that stand between you and your good quality sleep go away, resulting in a better sleep-wake cycle.

4.More secrets to a good night's sleep

secrets to a good night's sleep

Skipping out on sleep can help you gain an abnormal amount of weight, heart disease, and risk of stroke. Try avoiding heavy meals late at night, turning off your electronic devices, setting an alarm and lying on a comfortable mattress and getting under a cosy blanket.

For better sleep, you can try to keep the room dark, quiet and temperature controlled. You got to make sure you have a comfortable bed and pillows. While you cannot undermine the natural ways to induce sleep, you can also try sniffing some aromatic scents like lavender, or take a warm shower.

According to many studies, if you leaf through the pages of your favourite book, just before going to bed, you can help your brain unwind for a good night's sleep.

5.Bed pillows for comfortable sleeping

Bedtime Routine

A pillow might come across to you as an ordinary purchase, but it can do a lot to help you adopt a better sleeping position so that you can sleep through the night and wake up without any complaints of neck, back or head pain.

Choosing the best pillow can be a daunting task, but you can consider the following factors while choosing a good pillow.

A good pillow should come with good customer feedback. So, while browsing through the internet for good bedding, narrow your search down to the products which come with the best consumer reviews. A pillow's fabric, print, shape and size should go with your choices.

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