Tips to Shine your Shrine this Diwali.

Tips to Shine your Shrine this Diwali.

Diwali decor for living room

Many homes are already fully prepared for Diwali, but not every one of us might have the chance to adorn our homes so early. We, therefore, decided to increase the excitement a little bit and assist those who are time-constrained. These Diwali home decoration ideas can be used as a final checklist to decorate your home before visitors arrive. Here are a few of the easiest Diwali decoration suggestions that you may use right away.

Diwali home decoration ideas

Let there be light

pooja room

Your pooja room, which serves as the hub of activity throughout the holy celebrations, demands extra consideration at this time. Decorate your pooja corner to the hilt of your door. Include some lights to draw attention to the backdrop because the pooja room is an essential component of Diwali home décor. Hang bouquets or have fun with the diyas.

You can get several exquisite brass-finished lamps and set them around the pedestal whether your temple room is large or small. Don't forget to add beautiful flowers and diyas to your pooja room on each festival day as well.

Genda Phool

decorate your living room for Diwali

The scent of marigold, also known as the "herb of the sun," lifts your spirits and reduces stress. Bright orange and yellow symbolize fresh beginnings and wealth in life.
Therefore, we advise you to buy a few fresh bundles of them from a local flower store and use them to adorn your entrances! You can use marigolds to decorate your living room for Diwali. Arrange them around the sweets and confectioneries on your dining room table.

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights

String lights are a popular option for home exteriors, while diyas illuminate your home's interiors and serve as the holiday's centerpiece.  String lights that run through the length of your rooms make excellent Diwali home decorations.

Why not use LED choices and practice environmental responsibility at the same time? The celebration of lights is called Diwali. Use elegant Diwali decor concepts that are simple to carry out, feasible, and environmentally responsible. For more environment-friendly activities visit

The entrance is the first impression.

 decorating the front door for Diwali

Use garlands, string lights, and diyas while decorating the front door for Diwali. In this manner, you can formally greet Goddess Lakshmi!

While you're at it, don't forget to stock up on some attractive torans, which are frequently offered in a range of sizes and forms. Even after the celebrations, you may keep these up to give your house a warm welcome all year long. To welcome visitors and Goddess Laxmi with beauty and joy, torans are typically used to adorn the front door. People see this right away when they go in, and it will undoubtedly make them feel better.

More the merrier

decor lamps

The more decor lamps you light up around your house, the more festive it will appear. Diyas are a symbol of Diwali. Find some decorative and ornamented ones at the convenience store, and use them to illuminate every corner of your living room.

We all celebrate Diwali with cheer, lovely decorations, and fireworks, but the true heart of the holiday lies in the diyas that we light to chase away the shadows. Therefore, diyas are a must-have for Diwali home décor; utilize them to make lovely pictures with your family.



A long-standing custom that we still adhere to is making Rangoli at the entrance. It is advised to draw the rangoli at the dawn of the day. Draw bright designs on the main door's entrance to welcome visitors and appease Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. One of the most lovely Diwali decoration ideas is to create a rangoli using flower petals.

Traditional themes are a common design for rangolis. You can find several easy rangoli-making techniques and designs online. Draw tiny footprints pointing in the direction of the house's entrance using a mixture of vermilion and rice flour. It represents the goddess' entrance into your residence.

Wall Decor

Diwali wall decorations

There are countless options for Diwali wall decorations. They are simple to do but give your home a mystical sheen that your visitors won't be able to miss.

Want a vibrant, lively atmosphere but don't want to use actual flower garlands? Consider using paper garlands to decorate your walls during Diwali. Paper pendants can also add a wonderful atmosphere to your home.

Turn it up with simplicity

Diwali flower décor

Want to decorate your home for Diwali but with a twist? Consider using garlands to line your walls. When it comes to producing a stunning visual glow, marigold or rose strings work incredibly well.

Diwali flower décor also imparts a floral paradise scent to your home. What are you still holding out for? Place them close together or leave some space between them to form a toran-like design. It's remarkably easy, isn't it?

The special corner

The special corner

If we don't highlight a particular spot in your house, our list of Diwali decoration ideas is never complete. With gifts, laddoos, desserts, and diyas, Diwali has much greater meaning. Why not spruce up a nook with the most significant Diwali decorations?

Give your home a cheerful and lovely touch by placing some flowers, diyas, and goodies for your special day.

What's for the meal?

Diwali Food

What is Diwali if there aren't any festive foods served? What do you have to cook for the family dinner as you usher in the festival of lights? You won't need to worry much if you serve everyone's favorite Indian specialties at lunch.

However, keep in mind that proper table setting etiquette requires that you have some planning for your Diwali decoration ideas. If you're considering setting up a buffet, you can arrange all the treats on a lovely table with serving utensils made of bronze and brass. Alternatively, you can coordinate your cutlery with room décor.

Pampering the sweet tooth

Kaju katlis, laddoos

Without Kaju katlis, laddoos, and all of your best-loved candies, Diwali just wouldn't be the same, right? So why not prepare a sweet area for both you and your visitors in advance?

May the deliciousness of your fav sweets flood your life with the splendor of the Diwali season. You can place them on the center table or some small moving furniture table.

Clean up

Clean up

Similar to spring cleaning in the West, Diwali cleaning is done in Indian households. Cleaning up is a necessary step before you begin implementing your Diwali decoration ideas at home.

However, if you've been sluggish and put off cleaning tasks until the last minute, you'll need to use these shortcuts to get things cleaned up quickly.


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