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Your Bedtime Determines Your Good Health! When Do You Sleep?


We have all heard a million times how important it is to sleep at least 7-8 hours for good health and a better life. But did you know when you sleep is as important as the number of hours that you sleep?


Yes, that's absolutely right. While many people have started paying attention to their health and are trying their best to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, their bedtime is just as crucial as those 7 hours of peaceful sleep.


But simply sleeping too soon or too late will not help you out. Both sleeping too early and sleeping too late mean something is not right with your health - a healthy person sleeps at the perfect bedtime. So let's know more about our sleep cycle and how bedtime affects us.


Neither early nor late

Neither early nor late to Bed

According to a recent study, going to bed before 10 PM at night resulted in a 9% increase in heart ailments in individuals. And those who sleep past midnight had a 10% increased chance of getting heart ailments. The healthiest were those who slept between 10 PM - 12 AM at night.


Dr V Mohan, senior diabetologist said, "We saw a U Shaped association between bedtime and medical events. The incidence was lower when the sleep time was between 10 pm and midnight.


The score went up for people in both early and late bedtime groups. While it may not be very different for those who slept at 9 pm or 1 am, the graph showed that those who slept after 3 am or before 7 pm were more likely to have health problems,” he said."


The biggest reason behind the results of this study is the tampering of circadian rhythm - our internal clock - due to irregular sleeping hours. The circadian rhythm helps us maintain our 24-hours cycle which is elemental in carrying out essential bodily functions.


How to sleep regularly

How to sleep regularly


After knowing how much it can affect your health, maintaining a regular sleep cycle is very crucial for a healthy life.


Start out this change in your schedule by sticking to a consistent routine of waking up and going to bed. Try to relax as much as possible before you get into your bed.


If you are a late sleeper, make these changes gradually and slowly so that your work and day is not affected by any sudden change. Start out by taking your sleeping and waking time 30 minutes earlier every two days.


The most difficult part of this change comes during Saturdays and Sundays when there's no job to lure you out of bed and you end up sleeping in. Try not to let Sunday get in the way of a healthier lifestyle.


To shake off the sleep completely, make your bed as soon as you wake up. So fold your blankets away and puff up those pillows in a better position - spend a few minutes every morning to make your bed look neat, organized and maybe a little pretty with beautiful pillows and cushions as a nice decorative piece. You can check Cosee Pillows and bedsheets here which will provide your bed with the ultimate cosy look.


Establish bedtime routines

Establish bedtime routines


If you establish a bedtime routine like reading or listening to particular soothing music before you sleep, it can help you fall asleep on time regularly.


Experts have suggested that following a certain particular bedtime habit sent signals to your mind that it's the time to sleep because that's what you have been doing for some days now. In the beginning, start out by optimising your room environment for a night of better sleep. Lower the lights, make the room temperature optimum for a relaxing sleep.


Try avoiding caffeine 3-4 hours before bedtime and if you're new to making these adjustments, avoid them altogether for a few days. Instead, drink relaxing herbal tea like chamomile that'll help you sleep better.


Make sure you have a warm bed and comfortable bed prepared for relaxing sleep. Check out Cosee Sleep Gears  and get what you don't have to make your slumber peaceful and deep.


So as difficult as it might be to break this habit, if you want to lead a quality life, you have to make sure you aren't just sleeping enough, but also sleeping at a regular and reasonably healthy time. Take care!

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