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Aura Bed Sheets - Bed Sheets Made For Kings & Queens!

Bed sheets are the most overlooked bedroom accessory. There is no denying the fact that a good bed needs a well-made bed sheet to elevate its look and feel.

But we often end up choosing the cheap ones which lose their colour and texture after a few months of use. This stops today. COSEE Aura Bed Sheets offers you the best feeling which a bed sheet can possibly give.

The 300 thread count and the luxurious cotton used, stands as a testimony for its quality. We have managed to employ some of the best designers in town to provide you with a vast variety of exquisite designs. 

Luxury Redefined

Aura Bed Sheets make no compromises when it comes to the thread count and size. All our bed sheets come with a 300 Thread count and a 60’s x 60’s thread size.

In market terms, any product with such features directly translates to luxury. Our fine-combed luxury cotton which is the base material for all our designs is a cherry on top of the cake.

Exquisite Processing

Most sheets you find in the market are not comfortable enough. This is because they don’t use our unique satin dying process. COSEE Aura Bed Sheets are extremely soft and smooth.

Long-Lasting Life

We put in a lot of effort to make sure that you never end up with a faded bed sheet after a few washes. Our prints stay the same for a really long period and retain the colour palette used.

Designs Like Never Before!

Get out of the boring design options which online shops show you all the time. Our designs are unlike anything which you have seen before. We owe this to our expert designers who manage to bring in new designs.

Made For Kings & Queens!

We make sure that all our sheets have enough fabric to suit any type of beds. COSEE Aura Bed Sheets have a huge (275 x 305 cm) dimension which can even suit a king-size bed.

Receive More But Pay Less

When you pay your valuable bucks to one of our Aura Bed Sheets our first priority is to ensure that you receive a quality product. 

But we also want you to have something extra. Having that in mind, we provide you with two extra pillowcases. These cases have the same printed design as your bed sheet

Incomparable Comfort


Snuggle your way with the ultra-smooth, sufficient and skin-friendly bed sheets that stay with you for a long time

Lifestyle Companion

Add colours to your living with the vibrant sheets available in plenty of designs and patterns to suit your style

Extraordinary Quality

Categories are huge yet the quality of COSEE's sleep products always stand out

Peaceful Sleep

Made of reliable raw materials, our well-woven bed sheets let you find the true meaning of sound sleep

With COSEE Aura Bed Sheets you receive more than what you paid for!

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