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Essence Glaze Cotton Bed Sheets

Quality Is Never A Question

Do not get fooled by the luxury bed sheets which you see in fancy advertisements. They might look rich but when it comes to everyday usage, they offer nothing but disappointment to you. 

COSEE Essence Bed Sheets provide you with everything which you can possibly expect from a bed sheet. Who doesn’t love their bedroom having a neat floral vibe? That is exactly what you would get with several added benefits.

Apart from the breezy and peaceful look, we focus on giving you a product with zero compromises in its quality. Our bed sheets remain sturdy and resistant to everyday usage. 

The peached fabric is our exquisite feature which elevates the entire feel of the bed sheet which you can feel with every touch. 

COSEE Essence Bed Sheets is one of the best products when it comes to having good value for the money that you pay. 

Superior Micro-Peached Fabric

The micro-peached fabric is for anyone who is looking for a touch of luxury and is an added benefit for the rest. 

Unlike other fabric materials, you would never find it being harsh on your skin. 140 GSM cloth ensures that the bed sheet has a good amount of weight.

Redefines The Look Of Your Bedroom

Throw away all the bed sheets you currently own with faded colours and lame patterns. Apart from using high-quality raw materials, we put in a lot of effort into improving our designs. 

The floral designs are our trademark. Get one of these and transform your bedroom into the most beautiful place in your house.

Adequate Dimensions

You shouldn't invest a huge sum of money in a bed sheet but end up buying a small one. With our Essence Glaze cotton bed sheets, you get a sufficient 90 x 100-inch (228 x 254 cm) fabric that can suit even a queen-size bed.

Long-Lasting And Robust

With COSEE Essence Bed Sheets, you never have to worry about the colours fading away after a few washes. They stay fresh and the designs stay crisp even after prolonged usage. 

It is going to adapt to the temperature of your room and offers you an amazing experience.

Take-Home Something Extra

With every purchase of our bed sheets, you get two matching pillow covers. This would help you set the perfect bedroom atmosphere. 

Not to forget that this is a great value for your money as not a lot of brands out there offer you free pillow covers with your purchase.

Incomparable Comfort


Snuggle your way with the ultra-smooth, sufficient and skin-friendly bed sheets that stay with you for a long time

Lifestyle Companion

Add colours to your living with the vibrant sheets available in plenty of designs and patterns to suit your style

Extraordinary Quality

Categories are huge yet the quality of COSEE's sleep products always stand out

Peaceful Sleep

Made of reliable raw materials, our well-woven bed sheets let you find the true meaning of sound sleep

With COSEE Essence Bed Sheets, You Receive More Than What You Pay For!

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