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Something That Makes Your Sleep Sweet

It is not the cost that determines the luxury but quality does. Most bed sheets which cost a fortune do not have commendable quality. You end up wasting thousands of bucks for a shiny looking garbage. 

COSEE Selene Bed Sheets stand out of this equation. We offer you bed sheets with the finest quality at an affordable price. They are ultra-smooth, soft, and stay the same for a really long time. 

Replace your boring bedsheet collection with our sheets which come in various exquisite designs that you cannot find elsewhere in the market.

Luxurious Raw Materials

Our supreme quality raw materials enable us to offer you products with an unparalleled experience. A unique fine combed cotton forms the base to all COSEE Selene Bed Sheets. It complements your bed by giving you an additional layer of fluff and softness.

Resistant To Wear And Tear

We use the signature 240 Thread count fabric with a 60’s x 60’s thread size. This not just translates to luxury but also aids in making the bedsheet firm and strong. It never interferes with your comfort but protects your sheet from any wear and tear caused by small accidents.

Long, Smooth and Sufficient

You do not have to second guess the size of the bedsheet when you buy them anymore. We assure you that our sheets have a dimension of (275 x 305 cm) which can even cover a king-size bed.

Every single one of COSEE Selene Bed Sheets goes through the satin dying process. It is exactly here where our sheets become smooth and suitable for all skin types.

Distinct Long Lasting Designs

We invest a lot of time and research in imbibing new designs into our production. Our hand-picked set of highly skilled designers manages to bring new designs to the table which makes each sheet distinct.

The top-notch printing process increases the overall lifetime of the print and the colours used. They stay intact and never fade even after regular washes.

Complimentary Pillow Cases

In an effort to keep our customers happy and satisfied, we make sure that you receive a pair of pillowcases with every purchase. The design of the pillowcases matches the bedsheet making it look stunning in your bedroom.

Incomparable Comfort


Snuggle your way with the ultra-smooth, sufficient and skin-friendly bed sheets that stay with you for a long time

Lifestyle Companion

Add colours to your living with the vibrant sheets available in plenty of designs and patterns to suit your style

Extraordinary Quality

Categories are huge yet the quality of COSEE's sleep products always stand out

Peaceful Sleep

Made of reliable raw materials, our well-woven bed sheets let you find the true meaning of sound sleep

This Is A One-time Investment To Turn Your Bedroom Gorgeous!

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!!


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